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About seventy graduating students of the University Program of Mathias Corvinus Collegium received their diplomas at a graduation ceremony held at the talent institution's headquarters in Budapest on 9 June 2022. The event marked the end of a highly successful academic year. From September 2022. MCC will have 5,500 students in 24 centres in the Carpathian Basin, including Nyíregyháza. Led by Norbert Köbli, Béla Balázs Prize-winning Hungarian screenwriter and renowned artist, a new center will also start its operation soon.

In his opening speech, Balázs Orbán stressed that talent can only be converted into truly unique and profound knowledge, or our work can only be truly excellent if it is paired with willpower, humility and discipline. "This is exactly what we strive for here at MCC: through diligence and hard work, everyone can find his or her own way to develop their talent, not only for their own benefit but for the benefit of the community and the nation." said the Chairman of the MCC Board of Trustees. He also added that Mathias Corvinus Collegium has become one of the strongest communities in the country.

In his welcome speech, Zoltán Szalai, Director-General of MCC, highlighted the achievements students have realized. They can proudly claim nearly 100 language exams, 69 diplomas and outstanding results in various academic competitions. As trainees, they are strengthening the teams of public institutions and market-leading Hungarian companies, such as MOL, the Ministry of Justice, the Budapest Stock Exchange, the Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency, or MVM Ltd.

The talent institution is continuously developing its system of training and research programs. The setting up of the MCC StoryLab, led by the Béla Balázs Prize-winning Hungarian screenwriter and artist Norbert Köbli represents a further step in this direction. The institution's newest center will focus on honing writing skills and professional storytelling. Speaking at the event, Norbert Köbli said that the end of student years also marks the end of a predictable and secure phase of life, to be replaced by freedom and responsibility, both of which create an opportunity to be the best. "This is only possible if you do what you best love to do, without being noticed, out of inner urge and as a matter of course. One can't settle for anything less than that." - added Norbert Köbli.

MCC is the leading talent promotion institution in the Carpathian Basin. As of September 2022, it will offer high-level interdisciplinary education for 5,500 students in 24 locations, including Nyíregyháza, complementing conventional public and university education. The Young Talent Program will have 1200 students, 3500 students will take part in the High School Program and the University Program will have 350 participants. In the current academic year, 200 university students have benefited from the scholarship opportunities offered by MCC for studying abroad, while 32 international experts have been involved in the academic activities of the institution. The institution's public life events are also becoming increasingly popular. This academic year, the Debate Academy, the Roma Talent Program, the Transylvanian School of Politics, the Transcarpathian Public Leadership Training Program and the Women's Public Leadership Training Program has had about 300 participants.