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MCC Feszt, which attracted over 47,000 visitors last year, offers a dynamic range of musical, cultural, and educational activities. Organized by Mathias Corvinus Collegium, the largest educational institution in the Carpathian Basin, MCC Feszt is returning to Esztergom for the fourth time. The multi-day event will once again feature the best of Hungarian popular music, as well as renowned Hungarian and international experts and opinion leaders. Participants will include the director of the Oxford University Centre for Byzantine Studies, a former editor-in-chief of the Bild-Zeitung, a professor of political science at the University of Kent, and a UNESCO Distinguished Professor of Transnational Challenges and Governance at American University.

Last year, festivalgoers could choose from 120 stage programs, 250 speakers, and 100 exhibitions. This year, MCC is raising the bar even higher: visitors can expect more ambitious programs, insightful discussions, and the most exceptional Hungarian artists.

As always, the backbone of the three-day festival will be lectures and discussions by distinguished foreign experts. Guest speakers will include Peter Frankopan, Director of the Centre for Byzantine Studies at Oxford University and author of the world-famous Silk Roads series, Bernard Yeung, former Dean of the NUS Business School, Rudolf Adam, former Vice President of the German Federal Intelligence Service, Matt Goodwin, author and Professor of Political Science at Rutherford College, University of Kent, and Senior Research Fellow at Chatham House, and Amitav Acharya, UNESCO Distinguished Professor of Transnational Challenges and Governance at American University.

Other speakers will include Kai Diekmann, former editor-in-chief of Welt am Sonntag and Bild-Zeitung, Armin Petschner-Multari, head of digital communications for the CSU faction of the German Bundestag, Phillip Linderman, former foreign affairs official, board member of the Center for Immigration Studies and co-founder of the International Network for Immigration Research (INIR). Panel discussions will include the challenges and opportunities of a multipolar world order, the US and EU elections, the rise of artificial intelligence and automation, and the impact of the green transition on the economy and society.

This year's MCC Feszt will also offer exciting musical entertainment for all ages. New musicians and bands such as Tankcsapda, Neoton Família, and Majka will join the MCC Feszt roster, and veteran festivalgoers will recognize artists from previous years like ValMar and T. Danny. The 2024 MCC Feszt will also showcase the various educational and training programs of MCC, and several partner organizations will be represented at the Edu Promenade which will host daily family-friendly activities.

By purchasing a MCC Feszt Pass you can ensure a smooth festival experience. It includes free transport between the Esztergom train station and the festival, free camping, and free use of bathing services. The pass also entitles you to a discount on food and drinks and can currently be purchased at an early bird discount on the festival website, where you can also find up-to-date information about the event. As with last year's event, the Edu Promenade, the daytime professional activities, and some evening music will be free of charge.