We all know the ingredients of a successful startup ecosystem: a good education system, access to finance and venture capital, an entrepreneurial spirit with risk-taking mentality, supporting infrastructure such as incubators and accelerators, and light-touch regulation from the state. However, the question remains how to combine these ingredients to make the ecosystem self-reinforcing, capable of attracting capital and talent from around the world. In addition, the success of startup ecosystems in the age of digital technologies requires an ever-stronger connection between universities and industry, for countries like Poland and Hungary with a very strong industrial base, this connection is crucial.

By discussing these questions, the keynote will be delivered by Ahmad Piraiee, Director at Startup Grind, which not only includes 3,000 entrepreneurs but is also the engine of the vibrant startup scene in Warsaw. His discussion partner is László Jónás, Head of Strategy at Design Terminal, Budapest, which with its many years of experience has become the cornerstone when it comes to talking about creativity and startups in Hungary.


  • Ahmad Piraiee (director at Startup Grind, Warsaw (https://www.startupgrind.com/warsaw/), entrepreneur, networker, startup mentor, public speaker, who is providing consultancy to Fortune 500 companies, watching the alpha geeks, sharing their stories, and helping the future unfold, http://piraiee.com)


  • László Jónás, Head of Strategy at Design Terminal, Budapest

Moderators (MCC students)

  • Anna Káldy and Dávid Ilonczai

We welcome all those interested!